Theraputic and Executive Coaching

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Research from Henley Business School in 2014 found that individual and team coaching are the top leadership and development tools for businesses; with 83% of organisations intending to make use of coaching, with external coaches preferred for executive and senior management.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching tends to focus on work based topics and helps senior managers, business owners and directors to maximise their performance. Our executive coaching will help you clarify goals, challenge your thinking, boost your motivation and help you overcome any barriers. Crucially coaching allows you time and space to reflect on your actions, challenges and concerns as well as allowing you to focus on how you can maximise existing strengths and make the most of opportunities.

Typically our clients seek a coach to discuss topics such as problem solving, performance improvement, confidence building and relationship management. Our coaches are qualified and experienced and use well-established techniques underpinned by solid coaching principles to build strong coaching partnerships with our clients.

Theraputic Coaching

Theraputic coaching with our expert psychotherapists focuses on helping individuals with concerns such as anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. Our therapists aim to make a difference after just one session and for you to leave each session feeling better than when you arrived. Our therapists provide pragmatic advice and support and help you to find practical solutions to your mental health concerns.

Benefits of Executive and Theraputic Caoching:

  • Improves decision making and ability to think strategically

  • Leads to greater effectiveness with workload and relationships

  • Help developing a better work-life balance

  • Greater self-awareness and insight

  • Improved ability to self-manage and problem solve

  • Supports ongoing learning and development

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

  • Easily scheduled around existing commitments

  • Improves feelings of wellbeing and fulfilment

We typically recommend 5 x 60-90 minute sessions over a period of 5-10 weeks. Contact us to find out more.