Zara Owen, Retail Operations Manager, UK Market at The Body Shop

Working with Fiona has enabled me to transform the way in which I deal with stressful situations. Her ability to unlock the tools I already had but did not recognise has very quickly produced significant successes for me in the way I approach challenging projects or difficult conversations that in the past I would get quite anxious over. Fiona was able to identify apt talking points and approach our sessions with empathy, whilst providing the right amount of challenge to ensure I achieved my goals for the session. The key, for me at least, was to complete a MSCEIT (Mayer, Salovey & Curuso Emotional Intelligence Test) and use this to support the direction of our sessions and enabled me to focus on the specific areas that were very clearly identified as the root cause of my anxiety. I highly recommend Fiona's work, and greatly appreciate what she has empowered me to achieve.

Tamsyn Hendry, Owner of a Montessori School

“The initial conversation prior to completing the online questionnaire (MSCEIT) was useful as it gave us both time to reflect and think about the areas in my life/work that I want to work on.  I felt that Fiona appreciated that some of the feedback could be interpreted by myself as negative and she took the time to offer insight into the background of the Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) in preparation. I felt she was mindful during the feedback session and at same the time honest and open. I felt her feedback was constructive and the goals she suggested were spot on. Professional and warm in her approach. I found Fiona easy to talk to and her non-judgemental approach allowed me to identify that although some areas needed development I had also worked hard in the past to be less ‘involved’ for example, so I don’t yet feel ready to work on empathy as I am still a work in progress in this area. She gave me lots of reading material and strategies which I think will also change the goals I want to work on. I would recommend her as an assertive, compassionate and constructive coach.”

Matt Driscoll, Management Learning and Development Consultant

“Fiona is an excellent coach, capable of building rapport as well as offering healthy challenge. My experience of working with Fiona as a coachee was a positive one.
Fiona's use of effective questioning and listening provided me the opportunity to reflect and gain clarity around my challenges. I always left each session with something useful and they helped me move forward towards my desired goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona as a coach or learning professional to anyone.”