Management and Leadership courses

Our pragmatic programmes are available as bespoke programmes held in a location of your choice; at work or at a local venue. Contact us now for your free consultation.

The key to success is one’s ability to adapt; modify our behaviour, adjusting to the situation and varying our approach. If your managers and leaders can do this they will be able to deal with challenges, engage their teams and fulfil their own potential.

Example Programmes include:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence – With Emotional Intelligence profiling (the MSCEIT) and coaching. For leaders and managers of people who want to get the best from themselves and their teams

  • Wellbeing in the workplace – A facilitated session to help you create a wellbeing focused business, from strategy to core behaviours

  • Building a Resilient Team – Strategies for managing teams in a way that builds their resilience and enables them to perform at their best

  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers – What is Mental Health, what signs to look for and how to encourage positive mental health in your workplace

With training from Yellow Tree your managers will learn skills, tools and techniques to enable them to adapt their behaviour and get the best results with their people, their business and themselves. With a focus on wellbeing your leaders will be able to create and sustain healthy organisations. Contact us for your free consultation