Acknowledging hard work and good performance is vital to help staff feel valued as an important asset to your business, and sustain high engagement levels. This solution is designed to do just that-recognise and reward employees who make a positive contribution to your business, with workshop sessions to inspire and motivate further development, individual coaching opportunities and valuable time away from the workplace to reflect and recharge.


Staff who feel their work is appreciated are happier in the workplace. Happy, fulfilled people are more productive and engaged in your business-they are invested, your success is their success. They are also less likely to take time off work due to work related stress, anxiety or depression.

This experience will give them an opportunity to spend time focussing on their ongoing career and personal development in a positive and inspiring environment, and relax away from the workplace.

who is it for?

Teams or individuals within your organisation who you wish to recognise and reward. Perhaps they’ve exceeded sales targets, driven a new initiative or led a major project. Maybe they’re an emerging new talent, or someone who simply always goes that extra mile.

what does it involve?

•    One to one coaching sessions

•    Interactive workshops on sustaining high performance

•    Creation of ‘Ambassadors’ in your workplace; a peer mentoring programme to inspire high performance throughout the business 

•    Opportunities to enjoy leisure activities and some well-deserved down time

•    Down time to relax, recharge and enjoy the surroundings

accommodation & rates

For all packages we also offer a venue finding service, whereby we can source an appropriate location for your retreat (additional costs apply). Alternatively we have worked with a number of venues across the UK which we would be happy to recommend.

find out more

Are you planning a corporate retreat, or looking to develop a tailored wellbeing programme for your workplace?

For further details about any of these packages, or for something completely bespoke, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.