We will help you plan and implement a strategic and holistic approach to wellbeing in your workplace. Focussing on all aspects of employee wellbeing including physical, psychological, purposeful and emotional, you will receive our expert advice and guidance to help shape a positive workplace culture which allows your people- and your business, to thrive; adding long-term value and bringing lasting change.


Putting employee wellbeing at the heart of your decision making makes business sense. Mental health problems in the UK workforce cost employers almost £35 billion a year; that’s £1300 for every employee in the UK economy (Centre for Mental Health, 2017). Successful organisations recognise that prioritising employee wellbeing is much more than the odd fruit bowl in the staff canteen or a discounted gym membership. It’s about building a cohesive and pragmatic approach across an organisation; boosting employee engagement and productivity, and ultimately performance.

Because research shows us that a happier, healthier workforce are more productive:

•    Employees who work for an organisation that has a wellbeing strategy are twice as likely to believe their employer genuinely cares about their wellbeing.

•    Levels of engagement increase by 31% amongst employees who believe their employer cares about their wellbeing. (BMG Research Employee Panel, 2017).

who is it for?

Senior Leaders, HR professionals and employee engagement specialists.

what does it involve?

•    Facilitated workshops to help you sit down as a team and set goals, solve problems and develop an effective and strategic wellbeing programme

•    Wellbeing workshops to experience the interventions first hand. These are designed to gently challenge, and promote a sense of satisfaction and achievement

•    Subject specific workshops on tools, techniques and methods to adopt in the workplace to help promote wellbeing and build a more positive working culture

•    Down time to relax, recharge and enjoy the surroundings

accommodation & rates

For all packages we also offer a venue finding service, whereby we can source an appropriate location for your retreat (additional costs apply). Alternatively we have worked with a number of venues across the UK which we would be happy to recommend.

find out more

Are you planning a corporate retreat, or looking to develop a tailored wellbeing programme for your workplace?

For further details about any of these packages, or for something completely bespoke, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.